Site visit and consultation
We will conduct an on-site visit to gain a comprehensive understanding of your vision. During this consultation, we will engage in a detailed discussion of your objectives and any specific requirements you may have in mind.
Site evaluation
Our team will conduct a meticulous survey of your property. Our assessment will encompass key factors such as lot dimensions, utility, accessibility, topography, and the surrounding environment.
Zoning Analysis
We will conduct a thorough examination of the local zoning regulations and codes. This analysis is instrumental in defining the permissible construction parameters for your property.
Massing concept
Utilising advanced technology, we will craft a precise 3D model representing your home. This model serves as a critical tool for determining spatial allocation on each floor and establishing height limitations.
Timeline and budget
Programming & budgeting
Our experts will develop a comprehensive layout plan for your living spaces. Additionally, we will provide you with an initial cost estimate and an approximate project timeline.
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Full design concept
Get a full concept with 2D plans and 3D sketch, facade design.
Pre-design Report
You will receive an exhaustive report featuring illustrative sketches and reference images. Notably, our services require no immediate commitment, allowing you to utilize this report at your discretion, even if you decide not to proceed with us.

Create a FREE design brief

Get your brief in PDF in less than 12 hours along with some useful information.

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Let’s just say that putting all your requirements neatly on paper helps getting your project right and having a clear head.

It only takes 5 minutes for the fast brief and 15 minutes for the advanced brief.

Yes, but your information is confidential. As architects, we take your privacy very seriously. Can’t go more private than designing your home, you know.

You’ll receive your design brief over email in PDF form for free within 24hours.

Book a site visit

Opt for our Pre-Design Service by booking your site visit today!

What 3 words allows you to share with us very precise coordinates.
If your site is big or if you want us to meet you on the north entrance for example, you just find the right location on what3words and share it to us on the form of this page.

Go to and search for your site’s coordinates.

Copies of plans and any relevant documents.
You can also share them in advance at

  • Architecture: ₹39,999/-
  • Interior design: ₹24,999/-

You get all the mentioned services for the respective architecture or interior design pre-design services.

After scheduling your site visit you’ll have the choice between:
_Wire transfer.
_Google Pay
_Payment in cash on day of site visit.