Space Planning Service

The first step in your interior design project

What is Space planning?

Interior designing is all about creating spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable and functional. Space planning is a fundamental element of interior design process. It is an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used and the requirements of the client. Here, we gather all the data that we need before starting the design process. It identifies the proposed function, preferred mood and the style of the space.

Space planning involves following steps:

Site visit and consultation
Both Sana and Joseph will visit your site location. During this visit, we will discuss your requirements in detail, and any challenges you're facing. This is crucial as it will help us tailor our approach to your needs.
Detailed documentation
If you have any plans available with you, it'll really help us and if not we'll need to measure you site and document it with photographs and videos.
Concept planning and design
This is where we’ll come up with a whole concept. We'll create plans and sketches to reflect the design style and your specific needs.
Timeline and budget
Preliminary timeline and budget
We understand the importance of time and budget. As part of our service, we will give you an early look at how long the project might take and its initial cost.

Create a design Brief

Let’s just say that putting all your requirements neatly on paper helps getting your project right and having a clear head.

It only takes 5 minutes.

Yes, but your information is confidential. As architects, we take your privacy very seriously. Can’t go more private than designing your home, you know.

You’ll receive your design brief over email in PDF form for free within 24hours.


Book a Site visit

What 3 words allows you to share with us very precise coordinates.
If your site is big or if you want us to meet you on the north entrance for example, you just find the right location on what3words and share it to us on the form of this page.

Go to and search for your site’s coordinates.

Copies of plans and any relevant documents.
You can also share them in advance at

You get everything mentioned on this page, all the Space-Planning Service.