Ongoing Project in Panchkula

Multipurpose cabinet

By combining puja cabinet, media cabinet and crockery storage on one wall, we free up the room and optimise the space available.
The puja cabinet is facing East following Vaastu principals.
The media cabinet is centred and can be viewed from dining, informal and formal seating.
The crockery cabinet is facing the dining table and is close to the kitchen making it practical.
The lines of the cabinets off of the multipurpose unit follow the lines of the kitchen cabinets, therefore connecting the two spaces in this well coordinated open kitchen.

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Seating Arrangement

We’ve created three different seating arrangements. The informal living room with lounge seating, the dining for 6 people and the formal living room.
The lounge area has been arranged in a way to open up to the dining and make conversation or transition easy.
We recommend using a carpet to demarcate one of the seating spaces.

Sofa table

As you enter the house, to avoid facing the back of the sofa, we recommend using a sofa table, with or without ottomans.

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Alcove storage

2 options, one on the 3D, one on the reference picture.
The one on the 3D is a simple sliding wardrobe.
The other is called a hallway cabinet with bench including shoe storage and upper cabinets for extra storage.

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Using a console table surmounted by a mirror ties the room together and makes the space inviting.


In order to keep the maximum ceiling height, which is a priority considering the existing available 9,2ft down beam height, we recommend using a simple ceiling with minimal height variations. That is why we opted for the thin coffered ceiling as seen on the reference pictures. It adds character to the room.

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We recommend using natural stone flooring for the entrance and living areas, as they are easier to maintain as well as being budget friendly. With a nice pattern on a natural stone, or tiles with stone like finish, we can achieve a very aesthetic look.

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